About Us

Who we are

In the heart of the internet-bubble, in 1998, a group of like-minded traders from the New York Stock Exchange, realized the market won’t go up forever. They felt a major stock market correction is coming, if not an outright crash and decided, this is an appropriate time for a new venture.

Why forex

Since we believed that the stock-market is overdue for a major correction, we decided to get involved with the foreign exchange market place, the fastest growing financial market. Big banks and corporations were making more and more money on FOREX transactions, relative to their traditional businesses.

Our Vision – You Get What You Put into It!

Our vision is to become the absolute best and fairest global brokerage in the industry. We want to provide the absolute best service, including as much accurate and reliable information as you can handle, with the most cutting-edge technology and the most competitive advantages.

How could we offer the absolute best to our clients? It’s simple. By putting everything into it. By being the best to ourselves, to our employees. Our goal is to become the most rewarding brokerage in which to work, offering stability and security to the most passionate professionals, who is giving you the best possible service they could give will make their day.

With this philosophy of life, we have been around since before the turn of the century. We are going on 20 years, and we are here to stay. Join us now.

Market is calling

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